November 9 2012 - We decided to find someplace to go for a hike.  We went to Tianping Shan (Mountain).  The mountain is 210 Meters high and has hiking trails throughout.  It is easy to get to as the end of the subway line is at a bus stop.  The bus is only one stop to the entrance to the mountain.  All in all about 40 minutes from our house.  The mountain was crowded and the main section is actually stairs.  Not what we expected and a really tough climb.  We plan to go back and find the hiking trails but this was just a whim and we decided to see if we could find it on a lazy Saturday afternoon in November.  A great find to get some exercise and take in some scenery.  Just have to get away from the main lower area as it is very crowded and not that peaceful hike we want.

Updated November 23, 2012