Below you can find our bus route file.  If you look at where you are and where you go, you can see the stops you need to go to and transfers you need to make.  This is by no means complete and you can send pictures of bus stops to us through our contact page if you would like something added.  The app is coming!

How to read the chart:

If you are at Auchan and you want to get to Wal-Mart.  You could just wait for Bus 100.  It might be a long way and a lot of stops (you may go CW or CCW) but you will eventually get there.

However, if you are at Auchan and you want to get to Times Square, Bus 100 does not go there.  Bus 28 gets you there but you could also get on bus 106, then get off at Rainbow walk and get on bus 138 which will take you to Times Square.  May not be the most direct route but it will get you there in a pinch.