Shanghai Metro / Mag-Lev to Shanghai (PVG) Airport

Okay, if you took the High Speed train to Shanghai you can get anywhere pretty much on the Metro.  It is very simple to use and here is a PDF file of the metro.  This map came from which has great pdf maps of metros in many major Asian cities.  Shanghai Metro Map.

March 29, 2014

A trip to Shanghai Pudong (PVG) Airport via Metro & Maglev

1 - Exit high speed train

Follow the crowd.  You will most likely be at the Shanghai Railway station which intersects lines 1, 3 and 4.  Determine your route and changes required.

2 - Buy a Metro Ticket or Pass

You can either use an automatic machine (if you have RMB) or go to a ticket booth.  There are automated machines at all metro stops so you can always get another ticket so take some RMB.  You can ask for a metro pass or just a ticket to your destination.  If you are ever going to be on the metro again, a pass is a good idea.  You can just put 100 RMB or so on it and freely travel around Shanghai.  When it runs out, you can reload it at the major stations.  A typical metro ride is under 8RMB unless you take a really long one.  

3 - Determine Route

Determine your direction.  For each line you will get on, notice the last station of the direction you want to travel.  This is what will be listed when you get to the platform.  There are maps as well but if you know the end station, you can quickly identify which train to take for the proper direction.  Since I am also including the Mag-Lev to the airport here in this case I would want to do the following:

3A - Route to PVG

Line 1 Towards Xinzhuang.  Transfer to Line 2 at Peoples Square (3rd stop).

Line 2 towards Pudong International Airport to Longyang Rd.  You could take this all the way to the airport but it is a long ride.  If you want to take the Mag-Lev, get off at Longyang Rd.  

Exit at Longyang Rd.  Look for the signs which say ‘Maglev Longyang Rd’ and exit there.

4 - Exit Metro / Enter Maglev

When you exit the metro station, look across the walking street and you will see a sign for the Maglev and an escalator taking you upstairs.

5 - Purchase Maglev Ticket

Once upstairs, go to the ticket booth and purchase a ticket.  The maglev only goes to Pudong Airport and back so there are only two choices.   One way or round trip.  Right now, one way is 50RMB and round trip is 80RMB.  If you have a boarding pass you can get a discount.  More information on the Maglev can be found at

6 - Board Train

Only one way to go so easy to find the train.  They depart every 15 minutes so if you miss one, no big deal, they all end up at the same place.  The ride to the airport is less than 10 minutes with 0 stops.

7 - Exit Maglev

Once you get to the airport, you walk out and can choose Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.  Signs in english and easy to follow.

8 - Return Trip

If you are coming from the airport there are tons of signs right when you exit customs pointing you to the Maglev or the metro.  Follow them and do it in reverse.  There is an automated machine for the high speed or a booth.  

8 - Shanghai Boarding HS Train

When you get back to Shanghai Railway Station, you can purchase a ticket for the high speed train.  Sometimes it may be full so if you can get one ahead of time it is better.  There are online sites or ticket booths around town.  If not, depending on the time of day you may have to wait an hour or 2 for a train.  If you are staying overnight inShanghai, purchase in advance.